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Cuno Von Der Tonberger Höhe

Stud Dog (Frozen Semen Available)
Cuno has and excellent type head, excellent temperament and working ability. He has produced some European champions. His brother Danjo von der Tonberger Hoge (repet breeding of Cuno)won
the ADRK Results - Klubsiegerzuchtschau Duisburg 2008.

Cuno born in Germany and as a puppy was sold to Judge Tibor Gere
New owner
Alexis Felipe Gomez
 From Santa Cruz of Tenerife Spain
Cuno has a very impressive show career in Europe
One of Mambo von der Crossener Ranch
 finest dogs in his progeny
We proud to announce Cuno as a stud dogs we are using in our breeding program

Cuno Von Der Tonberger Hohe
Stud Dog Available to Females of Merit and O.F.A. Certified.
Fresh Chilled Semen Available to Females of Merit and O.F.A. Certified.
Frozen Semen Available from


Mambo von der Crossener Ranch
ES`02; O-BS`02
SCHWZ KS`02; O-KS`02`03
ZTP; SchH3; IPO3; BH; AD
HD+/-; ED Free

 Rick von Burgthann
  WJS`94; BS`97;BJS`94
  O-BJS`94; ES`97
  ZTP; SchH3;IPO3
  HD ED Free
Doc von der Teufelsbrücke
Int.CH; O-KS`95,HD Free,BH; AD; ZTP; SchH
Hope von Burgthann
HD Free BH;ZTP;SchH1
Evi von der Crossener Ranch
SchH/VPG I AD BH ZTP(05.97),
HD +/-

Astor v. Pffaffenberg
WZ, BH, HD-frei,
ADRK 008205,SchH I

Bia von der Crossener Ranch
ADRK 080688,BH,
SchH I,ZTP,HD-fre


Iris vom WolfsbergADRK102509
HD Free; ED +

Ayk von Bickesheim
 ADRK 092212
  SchH / VPG III
  HD Free; ED Free
Hakim Vom Brunnenweible
Sina Von Bickesheim
ADRK 079900,SchH / VPG I,BH,HD +/-
Itta vom Hirschenrangen
 ADRK 085798
  SchH / VPG I
  AD; BH
  HD +/-
Ferro Von Der Teufelsbrucke
SchH / VPG III,FH; AD; BH,Gek.b.EzA,HD Free
Della Vom Hirschenrangen
ADRK 068052,SchH/VPG III;
AD,HD Free

Cuno Tonberger Hohe training with Richard Bladt in Germany

Cuno Von Der Tonberger Hohe at work to obtain his Working Titles
to obtaining his Titles and IPO III

Cuno have a very impressive Progeny
Cuno Puppies tail
will be dock in our Litter
Cuno Progeny
Quessy Do Pazo Do Espiño
Cuno breeding with Riana
Cuno Progeny Female
Cuno and Riana von der Bleichstrasse Excellent Bone
Cuno Progeny excellent top line
Cuno Progeny Excellent bone
Cuno Von der Tonberger Hohe Frozen Semen Analysis
Semen storage Facility
International Canine Semen Bank - Colorado (ICBS-CO)

Semen Analysis
Frozen Semen: For situations where it could take time for the sample to reach the bitch such as international shipments, freezing keeps the semen preserved through the period of bureaucratic red tape of foreign customs departments. Shipping containers can maintain the sample for up to 2 weeks. The sample can be shipped well in advance of the bitch's fertile period so that it is ready when she is. It allows for preserving semen on stud dogs that may require neutering for various health or behavioral reasons.
Cuno Frozen Semen Analysis
Frozen and Chilled Semen DNA Requirements
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The AKC Board of Directors has modified the policy dealing with the use of fresh-extended and frozen semen as follows:After October 1, 1998, AKC DNA Profiling is required for all stud dogs whose semen is collected for fresh extended or frozen use, including foreign stud dogs collected for imported semen use in the United States.

Additional information is available by contacting link below

Cuno Frozen Semen AKC DNA Profile
AKC DNA Operations.
AKC DNA Profile

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