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Ambassador von Shambala

All Time Successful Rottweilers  from all
over the world

Throughout the years Many Rottweiler's Around the world have left their stamp in the show ring and  Conformation trails helping us pick the blood lines and gene pool from which many pedigree are put together today.  Allowing us to breed dogs of excellent quality temperament and working ability and pass that on to their puppies.
Our goals at Felsiger Berg Rottweiler's is to follow the Rottweiler breed standard of the FCI, and use the gay lines of the club were the breed come from Germany.

 (ADRK (Allgemeiner Deutscher Rottweiler-Klub e.V. - Actual)
DT-VDH-CH Vice-WS'03
Ambassador von Shambala
(Balou vom Silberblick x Cleopatra vom Hammerbachtal)

ADRK 103713  DOB: 4/3/2000  HD-Frei ED-Frei
Breeder/Owner: Marion Kulzer von Shambala

Please Note:
Due to time constraints we cannot discuss our dogs in great detail via email. Please call us for more detailed discussions, serious inquiries only

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